Rebecca J. Kovacs

Writer, photographer and visual artist.

About Me

Thanks for visiting my page! I specialize in content writing, creative writing and blogging, creating specialized content tailored to each client while giving it my own personal touch so that it feels "real". 

I am a longtime photographer and member of the New York Institute of Photography. I believe in taking a simplistic approach to my photography, editing as little as possible and keeping the image as close to its natural state as I can. There is subtlety in blur, the mystery of movement that happened just as the photo was being taken.

 I am a graduate of Norwalk Community College, where I studied liberal arts and theater. Being a creative person, I try find art on a daily basis, whether it be out in the world, on a long walk, thinking about ideas and inspiration, taking pictures or watching (or performing in) theater. I perform voice work as well.

I believe as adults, we do not allow ourselves the gift of play in the way we once did as children. I find that allowing ourselves to express ourselves with vocal and physical movement gives us the chance to get in touch with what we're feeling on the inside and with our true selves. Much of my writing reflects this playful style.